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  • PA3i National Christmas Fellowship 2011

    PA3i members took the time from their busy holiday schedules to celebrate the Christmas spirit in its Annual Christmas 2011 Fellowship adopting the theme ‘Solidarity Amidst Adversity’, a celebration of our unity, friendship, and camaraderie amidst trying times. The event was organized for the benefit of our Iligan and N. Mindanao-Cagayan De Oro Chapters that were badly affected by Typhoon Sendong.

    Alumni members had a great time during the event enjoying the great buffet, fun games, prizes, band and music, singing and dancing, and reminiscing student days in Australia–truly great camaraderie like no other. Special thanks go to all the alumni members who attended the Fellowship and showed their generosity to the victims of the Sendong calamity through donation of cash and relief goods.

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