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  • 2015 Trustees Nomination and Elections


    May Nominate – All Active Regular members as defined by the By-Laws may nominate one candidate for each vacancy in the NBOT. Nominations shall be submitted in writing or by email through an official NominationForm provided by the Nominations/Elections Committee.

    Who May be Nominated – Any active Regular Member as defined by the By-Laws may be nominated as candidate for any vacancy in the NBOT based on the following criteria:

    – Active participation and engagement of Nominee in at least one (1) PA3i event or activity;

    – Willingness to commit in writing and to swear to that commitment in public the contribution of their time and effort to carry out the duties and responsibilities for the position they are being nominated for, faithfully without reservation whatsoever for the entire duration of their term, notwithstanding their other professional and personal commitments;  (for this purpose, they have to attend a minimum of 75% of all NBOT meetings and 50% of all  PA3I National activities). Since budget for next fiscal year is not assured, nominees outside Metro Manila should be willing to shoulder travel expenses in attending meetings.

    – Has not served as a Trustee for more than three (3) consecutive terms prior to this election;

    – Member for at least one year prior to date of election.

    – Is not otherwise disqualified by the existing Articles or By-Laws of the Association, i.e. administrative and criminal offense including a conviction by final judgment of an offense punishable by imprisonment for a period exceeding six (6) years or of violation of the Corporation Code of the Philippines, committed five (5) years prior to the date of election or appointment.

    How to Nominate – all nominations must be submitted using the official NominationForm (download from the link). Every nomination must include a capsule of the nominee’s profile. All nomination documents should be submitted to PA3i’s Nomination Committee Chair in a sealed envelope or through email. In the absence of the person nominated, an email accepting his/her nomination is acceptable.

    Deadline for Nominations – All nominations shall be accepted starting from the date of dissemination of Official Nomination Forms up to 15 May 2015.

    Notice – The Nomination/Elections Committee shall notify both the nominator and the nominee of the result of the evaluation via email.

    Appeal – Within three days from issuance of notice of disqualification, the nominee can appeal in writing the evaluation of the Committee.

    Shortlist of Candidates – The Committee shall meet to evaluate and draw up a shortlist of candidates which shall be submitted to the National BOT.

    Posting of Official Candidates – The NomCom shall post on the PA3i website and other official PA3i social media outlets the profile capsules of all approved Nominees, four (days) after the notice of status of shortlist of nomination has been issued.




    Who May Vote – All Active (Paid for current membership year) Regular members may vote one (1) candidate for each vacancy in the NBOT. Casting of votes shall be done in writing through an official form to be distributed by the ComElec during the election period.

    Online Election – Online voting is not allowed.

    Election Day – The election will be held on 30 May 2015 as part of the agenda of the General Assembly. No campaigning in all forms shall be permitted in the polling area or any part of the venue of the General Assembly. A total of 10 trustees may be voted by a single voter on the day of election.

    Tally of Ballots – The ComElec shall count the votes in open assembly, after the last ballot has been cast or after a reasonable period of time by announcing the closing of the voting period.

    Invalid Ballots – A Ballot shall be considered invalid if it is not of the prescribed form or if it has not been issued, authenticated/stamped by the ComElec.

    Invalid Votes – A vote is invalid if it is illegible or contains more than one vote for a candidate.

    Juridical Authority of the ComElec – The ComElec en banc shall have sole jurisdiction and authority to decide on electoral issues. Its decisions are not open to appeal.  However, on whether a matter is properly falls within its jurisdiction, it may be appealed to the Sitting/Outgoing BOT.  Pending a decision therefrom, however, the decision of the ComElec shall remain in force and effect.

    Election Process

    – ComElec will read the rules/election guidelines

    – Introduce the nominees and give them  30 secs up to 2 minutes (talking points limited to name, his/her contributions as an alumni and as a trustee)

    – ComElec will declare the casting of votes open

    – ComElec will administer the voting process:

    > Advise the voters to proceed to their respective voting stations to get their ballots. Voting stations are arranged alphabetically, clustered into 4 stations.

    > Cast their votes at designated area.

    > Drop their ballots at the ballot box.

    > ComElec will declare the voting closed

    > ComElec will count the votes in public.

    (One ComElec member is in charge to document through flashing the results through the screen)

    Election Results – After all votes are counted, a reasonable time shall be given to all candidates and their representatives to examine, validate and recheck the total number of votes. The election result shall then be posted at a prominently visible area of the GA venue, website and other social media networks of the Association. In case of a tie among the candidates with lowest votes, the ComElec shall resolve the same by a coin toss. Whereby the candidate with 3 wins out of 5 tosses shall be declared the winner. 

    Term of Office of the Trustees – The four (4) trustees obtaining the highest number of votes shall serve for three (3) years, the next three (3) trustees with the highest number of votes shall serve for two (2) years, and remaining eight (8) shall serve for one year; provided further, that no trustee shall serve for more than three (3) consecutive terms.

    Trustees’ Meeting and Election of Officers – A meeting of the members of the Board of Trustees shall be immediately held after each annual general assembly to elect by secret ballot from among themselves a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor and Public Relations Officer (PRO).

    Election Process-related Issues, Questions and Protests – Should any issues, or questions arise, the ComElec shall decide in accordance with the By-laws of the Association and the Election Guidelines. Its decision shall be final and executory. Pre-election protest must be filed not later than seven (7) days before the date of the elections. Post-election protest must be filed not later than forty-eight (48) hours after the proclamation of the winning candidates which shall take place within one hour after the declaration of winners. Filings must be made in writing, under oath and state clearly the issues being raised and the specific grounds of the protest. Protests shall be subject to the same Rules and Regulations as Election Process-related Issues & Questions above; also be written under oath stating the specific grounds of protest.  

    1st NBOT Meeting – In accordance with the 2012 Amended By-laws, a meeting of the members of the Board of Trustees shall be immediately held after the annual general assembly to elect by secret ballot from among themselves its officers. After the election of officers, the ComElec will turn-over the meeting to the newly-elected President and will then cease as such thereafter.




    Gen. Raffy Romero (Ret.)

    Mr. Jong Belano
    Vice Chair

    Members :
    Mr Glenn Doloritos
    Mr Mon Santos
    Mr Ricky Estrera

    The Committee assesses eligible candidates for the National Board of Trustees (NBOT) through an evaluation of valid nomination forms and any other requirements. It shall also ensure that the conduct of the Association’s election is fair, impartial and in accordance with the By-laws. It shall also preside the General Election proceedings and 1st National Board of Trustees (NBOT) meeting wherein the election of the new NBOT President will be conducted.


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