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  • Alumni Grant Scheme 2014


    In an awards ceremony at the Mandarin Oriental last Saturday, June 14 2014, Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Bill Twedell announced the launch of a new grant scheme that is open to all Australian Alumni in the Philippines.

    The Alumni Grant Scheme 2014 was launched during the keynote address given by Ambassador Twedell at the Alumni Awards night organised by the Philippine Australian Alumni Association, Inc.  The grant scheme calls on all Australian-educated Filipinos to submit project proposals aimed at developing certain sectors of Philippine society, namely: Education, Environment, Entrepreneurship, Governance, and Crisis Management.  The objectives of the scheme include the promotion of fellowship, interaction and engagement among Australian alumni, while creating opportunities for private-public partnerships and developmental advocacies.  There must be at least five (5) alumni in a group, and proof of academic background will be required.

    Project proposal templates and further information may be downloaded from the Australian Embassy website at www.philippines.embassy.gov.au, and through the website of grant managing partner, the Philippine Australian Human Resource and Organisational Development Facility (PAHRODF), at www.pahrodf.org.ph.

    All project proposals must be submitted no later than the end of business day on August 15, 2015.

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