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  • Mitigating Risk in Workplaces through Non-violent Communication

    In line with its mission of initiating and delivering educative and responsive programs for the promotion of sustainable well-being practices, PA3i’s Cebu Chapter has identified workplaces as a target locus. A means of promoting well-being in workplaces is by mitigating the risks associated with certain forms of conflict-related violence that operate in them. Accordingly, the workshops organized for the program are anchored on the basic understanding of violence in terms of theory, nature and forms towards identifying strategies for non-violent communication (NVC) as a way of mitigating risks in workplaces.

    The first part of the project commenced in May 2012 and ended in May 2013. Its second phase shall be undertaken in July 2013.

    Key Achievement

    In the 12 May 2012 seminar workshop, representatives from 23 agencies participated. Of these agencies, 7 are educational institutions, 7 are business and non-government organizations and 8 are government agencies at the regional level other than from local government units and PA3i members.

    The workshop has been instrumental in spreading awareness about the following risks and violence in workplaces: humiliation, emotional and psychological abuse derived from bullying, sexual abuse by verbal and body language, management or administration abuse and non-compliance of health and safety measures. Accordingly, workshop participants identified the need for training on needs and problems assessment, team building and value/virtue formation with spiritual enrichment. Enhanced awareness through education and advocacy regarding human rights and forms of violence as well as through a seminar of DOLE policies were found necessary for social risk mitigation. More importantly, the working group recommended for an in-depth workshop or training on the NVC techniques and to advance this approach to other agencies and/or non-participating institutions.

    NVC Part 2

    The first workshop has highlighted the need to mainstream NVC process in social interactions as an alternative mitigation of social risks by involving other sectors. The program’s second phase, thus, respond to this need. Accordingly, from the originally-targeted LGUs and workers at the barangay level, the program’s scope shall extend to other interested groups such as teachers, public and private administrators and employees and interested alumni members with an estimated 60-100 participants. This phase of the project is intended to generate recommendations for effective social risk management in workplaces.

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