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    Welcome to PA3i Cebu Chapter!

    Our vision

    A service-oriented chapter of Australia-educated and trained professionals and advocates responsive to contemporary and emerging challenges in well-being.

    Our mission

    Initiate and deliver educative and responsive programs for sustainable well-being practices in population and health, environment and effective leadership.

    Our logo

    In its nascent visage, the logo is intended to depict Cebu in its socio-political and cultural fluidity through the water droplet with the map of Cebu at its centre. Its circular border adopts that of PA3i’s as parent organization with the chapter’s name at the bottom. The chapter’s responsiveness in delivering educative and responsive programs to contemporary and emerging challenges in well-being is symbolized by the hands which are cupping the water droplet while its impact-oriented service is symbolized by the ripples at the palms of the hands. The Australian flag at the wrist of the right hand signifies the competency and/or expertise base of the members in operationalizing the chapter’s vision and mission. Finally, the Philippine flag at the left wrist beside the Australian flag in the right wrist is emblematic of the Philippines-Australia link through PA3i.

    Our history

    From its modest foundation sometime in 2005-2006, the PA3i Cebu Chapter operated with renewed vigour in 2008 with Population Commission Regional Director Leo Rama as Officer-in-Charge. Cebu’s status as second most populous province (following Pangasinan) provided the impetus for the chapter host a forum on Population, Poverty and Reproductive Health in August 2008 at Southwestern University. This forum was, among others, instrumental organising a petition signed by participants to lobby for the passage of the Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008.

    From promoting well-being in population and health, PA3i Cebu Chapter expanded its scope of advocacy towards promoting well-being in workplaces. It conducted a seminar workshop on Mitigating Risk in Workplaces through Non-violent Communication in 2012 under the leadership of Lorylie Crisostomo, an alumna of the Australian National University. This project is fully-supported by AusAID. The chapter is also engaged in environmental advocacy to promote the well-being of the environment and local residents of Binaliw, a mountain barangay in Cebu City.

    The chapter members are members of the academe, local and regional government institutions and non-government organizations. They serve their respective institution’s clientele as administrators, educators, faculty or research staff in Cebu universities or as research or technical experts in the government bureaucracy or NGOs. Most of them are AusAID scholarship recipients.

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