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    A work in progress: the logo is intended to depict Cebu in its socio-political and cultural fluidity. The chapter’s responsiveness in delivering educative and responsive programs to contemporary and emerging challenges in well-being is depicted by the hands which are cupping the water droplet while its impact-oriented service is symbolized by the ripples at the palms of the hands. The Australian flag at the wrist of the right hand signifies the competency and/or expertise base of the members in operationalising the chapter’s vision and mission. Finally, the Philippine flag at the left wrist beside the Australian flag in the right wrist is emblematic of the Philippines-Australia link through PA3i. Cebu Chapter

    Welcome to PA3i Cebu Chapter! Our vision A service-oriented chapter of Australia-educated and trained professionals and advocates responsive to contemporary and emerging challenges in well-being. Our mission Initiate and deliver educative and responsive programs for sustainable well-being practices in population and health, environment and effective leadership. Our logo In its nascent visage, the logo is […]

    Philippine Australian Alumni Association logo Bohol Chapter

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